Yesterday I had the pleasure and fortune to interview one of the most popular journalist in Italy: Marco Travaglio. He was in Palermo for a Conference organised by politician Sonia Alfano on the topic of the “Ad personam laws”. His last book infact focuses on the many ad personam laws made to protect the power of a few people.

Travaglio was very nice to reply to our questions just before the meeting. He told us that he would never host a political talk show and that he believes that the web is an excellent medium for developing a free information that in Italy lacks, but fortunately it is not the only one.

Finally he confessed he is not very into technology and infact has some collaborators taking care of his facebook page, but he thanked all the people that keep encouraging him and show respect and appreciation for his work.

Here it is the link of the video in Italian language.

Photo: Rori Palazzo