It is now taking place the Giffoni film festival (18-31 july) , which is at about 80 km distant from Naples. It is a festival born in 1971 from a Claudio Gubitosi idea promoting and developing cinema for young people elevating it from the marginal position it had back in those days, and leading it where it belongs , e.g. a high quality genre capable of “penetrating” the market. The leitmotiv of this year is LOVE.

“Love, for us, means respecting the other, desire of the other, opening your heart to the other. Love has the power to change the world, move boundaries and modify the way the world indeed looks” – commented the promoters of the festival. This is what we want to talk about in Giffoni: Through our films, the meetings between talent and jurors, and thanks to the scores of initiatives that make up the festival programme. We will try and look at all the other aspects of love, talk about sick love, too much love (and the consequent damage) and the lack of love.”

Tonight there will be the viewing  of the 3D colossal Avatar by James Cameron, and also actor Sam Worthington, protagonist of the movie is expected in Giffoni.